Product Development Accelerator in Ophthalmology

Did you know that more than 86% of clinical trials fail to satisfy their study startup and enrollment timelines? More than a third of sites selected for clinical trials underenroll, and 11% fail to enroll a single subject…

This becomes a large financial burden to a study sponsor.

My name is Vincent Baeyens. I am a Expert in the development of innovative drugs and medical devices in ophthalmology. I have +25 years of experience in Pharma and Biotech settings.

My Mission is to accelerate Preclinical and Clinical Development of Pharmas and Biotechs in order to make them successful.

Please check my Services page to enable you to be part of your Company’s success!

Dr. Vincent Baeyens, PhD. Consultant & Trainer in GCP, Clinical Development & Operations. Study Startup & Enrollment Accelerator

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